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Monday, 25 August 2008

How to Keep The Backgrounds/Headers FREE!

Remember to keep these items Free you MUST Save the images to your own Hosting,
( I recommend Photobucket , its Free )

To do this Simply Follow the steps below:
  1. Right Click on your mouse
  2. For Firefox users: look for "View background Image" and click onto it, Then Right Click again and save to your Computer, For Internet Explorer users: look for "Save Background", which then saves to your computer.
  3. Once you have done one of the following above, Open up your file hosting like Photobucket, And upload the image from your pc to your host,Finally once uploaded you will see a code that looks like this: http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o177/Sample.jpg Which is Called a Direct Link Url
  4. You then need to Copy this and replace the Image Code found in the html code that you used to install your Background/Header with.
( which when you first grabbed the code from this site, the Code that needs replacing with your own Host, was in GREEN)

1 comment:

Lazy Days said...

Hi I follwed your instructions but the code is at the top of the page and I don't have the nice back ground, I'm sure its something to do with the header but I dont understand the instructions to uplad else where? photo bucket etc can you please help me thank you frustrated blogger I would like to now how to put link in too I have started doing challenges (which is how I found you) and I canot put my photo on there web siye of put their link in my post only in full not like I would like with here higlighted and then when they click it takes them. Also I keep having problem with my cursor always moving espeshally when I type you it often jumps up and I don't realise (that's nothing to do with blog it just happens all the time sorry to go on but I am some what er.... useless