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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Works Schedule

(please note no work will be done over the week's as i my Challenge Blogs to get sorted)

IT IS NOW ON HOLD, I WILL NOT TAKE ON ANY "FREE" SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! - People who have submitted there forms will still have there work done aslong as your name is on the below list.

If you are looking for a blog facelift from me all i can suggest is you check back daily for my free blog Templates , There are some already up just checkout the " labels" on the blog on your right
or Contact me if you wish to go ahead with "paid"work

If i have agreed to do work for you, you will find your name on the Schedule below
with an update , so you can see how long before yours is complete.

Please note that Paid work will come first, so there may be a slight hold up but rest assured i am getting through them 1 by 1.
  • Paula - Completed
  • Judy L - Started - on Hold while paid work is completed
  • Barbara M - Pending
  • Lauren - Pending
  • Ying P - Pending
  • Clare D - Pending

I am Very sorry to those of you who have been waiting for the "FREE" blog make over
But due to work commitments *and homelife* i have had to scale the list right down.
I am very sorry to those of you have had to be removed from the list, but i just dont have the time to do them for free.
When i have paid work to get done i hope you understand
Most of the blogs that were removed from the list either already had pretty backgrounds on ( so you know where to get them from or do them yourself)
Once these blogs have been completed i will have more free time to be able to produce a couple of "free" blog Backgrounds for people to use, But no FREE Custom work will be done, of any sort!


Rosette said...

Thanks Donna for the lovely work!! I was surprised this eve when I logged on and found a new look!! :)
You are super!

Clare said...

What a shame that some people spoil it for others. I'm sorry your services have been abused. It's rare that anyone does anything out of the kindness of their heart anymore and to be abused is awful. I'm really pleased with what you've done on my blog so far, the header is fab. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. Try not to let things get you down. It's hard but some of us do value what you've done so far. Thanks. Clare x

Jilly said...

Hi Donna. What a shame that people are abusing your fanastic generosity. I am sorry for you that it has come to this as you work is brilliant and i am really appreciative of the work you have done on my blog.

Aimee said...

I completely understand. I also wanted to ask you to take me off your work list too. I love your work, and I think its amazing that you offerred your services for free for so long. Good luck to you and my your business continue to prosper! all the best to you!

Lauren said...

Hi Donna , I would ask if you would take me off the list. I love your work but, I know where to get them. And I don't want you to have to do something if you don't have the time.
Thanks hunny
Lauren xx

Clare said...

Hi Donna, hope you don't mind me adding a freebie background to my blog from another source. It's just I felt bare compared to some other blogs I visit. I still really would like you to do your magic on my blog but don't want to hassle you. Hugs, Clare x

~*Joni said...

Donna, this is my first time to your site and I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful and amazing work. I am sorry for those who taint your creativity, and I am so glad that you chose the "WIN" situation (What's Important Now). ;) Best of everything to you and your incredible talent!

AN said...

Kauniita ja persoonallisia blogipohjia ja bannereita!
voisitteko tehdä minulle yksilöllisen ja uniikin pohjan ja bannerin!!??
Ottakaa vink. musiikista ja korteista!:)
Ystävällisin terveisin : AN