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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Pretty in Pink

Another Custom Blog is now complete at last

(click on the above image to enlarge slightly or go to Poppets Blog, she does some fantastic work)

Just to mention there was some slight issues with paulas computer she is using internet exploer 6, which dosnt surport clear(transparnt) images called PNG Files,
So if you are using Internet exploer 6 or below, UPDATE! or best still get firefox
You could be missing out on lots of nice things on peoples blogs

Here is what it looks like when using internet exploer 6 or below
you see the Grey Boxes? around the top left image ,
and the grey box around her titles ( there is more down the page)

so i urge people using OLD versions to update there systems , its simple to do.


Poppet said...

I have updated this morning, well my pc told me to actually, all the grey boxes have gone :) :) :) it is absoultley Fab, Donna this is amazing and looks even better than it did last night, i would urge anyone to ave Donna do it for you if you are looking for a new blog, even down to the quote, it is fantastic hun, I cant thank you enough, Love Pops x x x x x x x

Chriss Rollins said...

Donna, have added your link on my blog
chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

Just popped over to poppets place ...very nice.
chriss x

crafting diva said...

Hi Donna don't know if you remember you gave my blog a make over when I first stared my blog, well was wondering can you do me another make over I would like a new colour and theme to my blog I have e-mailed you thanks